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South Gironde


Welcome to Bazas! Its market, cathedral, arcaded cafés, craftsmen and narrow streets are all part of the charm of this medieval town.

Château Toulouse-Lautrec

This majestic château is a special place to live, steeped in history and rich in biodiversity. Welcome to this illustrious home, a veritable haven of inspiration and creativity.

The Sauternes vineyards

Venture into the Sauternes region to discover its landscapes and secrets: this golden wine, unique in the world, is one of the region’s must-haves. Grands crus classés and family estates welcome you for an unforgettable cultural and tasting experience.

Discover our

With its rich cultural, natural and gastronomic heritage, the Sud Gironde is packed with places to visit. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, take a tour of this beautiful region’s must-sees!

visites guidées sud gironde

in the South of Gironde

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