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in South Gironde

Welcome to the Sud-Gironde, a region full of charm and authenticity, where activities abound in the heart of unspoilt countryside. Nestling between the prestigious vineyards of Bordeaux and the vast forests of the Landes, the Sud-Gironde offers a range of unforgettable experiences. From strolls through famous vineyards, to nature-based escapades along winding rivers, to discovering picturesque markets, this destination is sure to appeal to those who love authentic discoveries.

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in South Gironde

Discover the unsuspected charms of the Sud Gironde on enchanting walks that reveal the natural splendour of this exceptional region. Between prestigious vineyards, peaceful rivers and verdant forests, the Sud Gironde offers an idyllic setting for memorable walks. Let yourself be guided by the picturesque paths that wind through the heart of the vineyards, offering breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding hills.