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Bourideys Bruno Peinado la Metis FAC

The Forest of Contemporary Art: An Encounter. The Métis, the Same and the Other, work n°13 to Bourideys

An encounter. The half-breed, the same and the other. Bruno Peinado. Bourideys, 2014. Programming: Didier Arnaudet. The figure of the Trojan Horse is offered here as a playful, stimulating infiltration of the landscape, opening up like a back door to an imaginary world of multiple, unpredictable possibilities. A pretext for a wide range of meanings, the horse has the particularity of being associated with water. In this lake, Bruno Peinado has given the horse magical gifts, giving it a pixellated form that evokes a method of camouflage based on the optical illusion created by a multiplication of facets. The bright yellow colour reinforces this ability to designate a presence that is open, but never closed, to a wide variety of interpretations and resources. It’s up to each of us to experience the mètis of the Greeks, a combination of intelligent cunning and the right balance.

  • Accessible to people with reduced mobility