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Bazas  (19)

Visit to Bazas with Leonor of Aquitaine to Bazas

Le 26/07/2024

The city of Bazas is full of treasures, so set off on a discovery tour with your Léonor d’Aquitaine guide. Almost every era has left vestiges that are still visible today. From Antiquity to the present day, we’ll explore the town centre to discover the UNESCO-listed cathedral, the chapter house garden, and take a look at the striking town houses near and around the cathedral square. This square, once crossed by the ramparts, bears witness to the evolution of architecture from the 12th to the 19th century. The market hall and the town hall are also well worth a visit. Bazas is a town with a rich history. Bazas is also an opportunity to discover the apothecary and to stroll along the Beuve river at the foot of the ramparts.

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