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marché st macaire(1)

Marché de Saint-Macaire le jeudi et le dimanche to Saint-Macaire

From 01/01/2024 at 31/12/2024

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The Thursday morning market consists of two fruit and vegetable stalls, a pork butcher, a rotisserie, a cheese maker, a fishmonger, a pastry stall and a stall selling ready-made meals from Réunion. Every other week, there is a coffee stall and a Greek produce stall. Every other week, there will also be a coffee stand and a stand selling Greek products. It is located on the allées des Tilleuls On Sunday mornings, the market is smaller, with a fruit and vegetable stand, oysters and a rotisserie. It is located in front of the village hall.


  • From 01/01/2024 at 31/12/202408:00 - 13:00