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Jeko concert – Cercle de Aubiac to Aubiac

Le 16/11/2024

<Jeko French chanson / Rock The five members of Jeko draw their influences from worlds ranging from French chanson to rock and more traditional music, creating a hybrid blend of sensitivity and energy. Their lyrics are inspired by recent songwriters such as M, Debout sur le Zinc and Gaëtan Roussel, as well as older songwriters. Five voices! All the members of the band sing, switching from backing to lead vocals as the song progresses. The acoustic style reflects their desire to make their music accessible, while retaining a sensitivity to the magnetism of rock.

  • Accessible to people with reduced mobility


On Saturday 16 November. 7pm meal / 9pm concert

  • Le 16/11/202421:00 - 22:45

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  • Gratuit