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La Forêt d’Art Contemporain : 7 Comets to come, work n°11 to Saint-symphorien

7 Comets to come. David Boeno. Saint-Symphorien, 2014. Programming: Didier Arnaudet. David Boeno invites us to take a stroll through the park, punctuated by 7 tree trunks cut at angles obtained by calculating the elliptical trajectory of 7 comets. A bevelled mirror, like a precious, sparkling object, is set into the heart of each section. On each mirror is engraved the name of the comet and the date of its future passage through perihelion, the point in its orbit closest to the Sun that causes the comet to become cloudy and its hair to glow brightly. This confrontation between the present moment and the echo of a future coming from a sidereal distance, between the constraints of an earthly life and the inaccessible depths of time and space, creates an awareness of the world in which the infinite threads of prospective geometry interweave.

  • Accessible to people with reduced mobility