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Saint-Christophe Festival to Leogeats

From 19/07/2024 at 22/07/2024

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For many years now, the Léogeats Festival Committee has been actively involved in organising the annual summer festival. In addition to the traditional festivities to be held on 19, 20 and 21 July 2024, the festival committee is delighted to present a new musical event, MUSICALÉOGEATS. The programme:<br Programme: 19th July 9pm: Super LOTO 20th July 2.30pm: Local petanque competition. 6:00 pm: Musica’ Léogeats, 5 groups + 7 hours of live concerts, Sleaze Freaks de No wayy Naphtaline Famille Brochet Burning Fox. Restaurant “Esprit Guinguette…” tapas, sardinade, grilled meats. 21 July From 9.00 am: garage sale . From 7.30pm: Snails and veal belly evening Live concert by the group Tosca Live concert with the group TOSCA. Disco ball with DJ MYKI 23:00: Fireworks display. 22nd July 2.30pm: Departmental petanque competition . Numerous fairground attractions


  • From 19/07/2024 at 22/07/2024