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De fil en fil

Nuits atypiques – Fil a Fil family show to Bazas

Le 26/06/2024

In a landscape of visible and invisible threads, knotted or unfurled ties, a strand of memory suspended from cartographies, 2 actresses sing … survey and revisit a territory inscribed in bodies over time. In a mix of oral, physical and musical languages, they tell the story of a mischievous exchange, the weaving of a bond and the test of its resilience: the bond that can unite a little girl and her grandmother. A bond that becomes a cradle and a lullaby, a blanket and a parachute, a refuge or a dance floor. The opening of a way to understand each other, to hear each other from one bank of the stream to the other, from one side of the mountain or of life to the other. <Booking recommended.


  • Le 26/06/202418:00

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