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Conferences at Château de Mongenan to Portets

Le 18/08/2024

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Tour of Abzac, Fronsac, Arveyres, Saint-Christophe, Saint-Emilion Evocation of Romme, Duc Decazes, Maréchal-Duc de Richelieu, Victor Louis Tourism, strolling, are often considered pure entertainment. The time is long gone when we were careful “not to sunbathe foolishly”. Nowadays, tours invite walkers to see nothing, understand nothing and learn nothing about the regions they pass through. The Château de Mongenan, which created the Route des châteaux et Cités au cœur d’Aquitaine in 1994, shares Montesquieu’s vision that travel is inseparable from initiation. As a stopover on the path of life, each visit is like a pilgrimage. It allows you to take possession of the space and inhabit it, to understand who you are, where you come from, where you’re going.


Sunday 18 August at 5 pm
Meetings followed by gourmet tasting of the estate’s wines

  • Le 18/08/202417:00