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Les nuits atypiques : Sonets, le ciel s’arrête, pur suspense… to Langon

Le 25/06/2024

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<6.30 p.m. - Vocal creation around Bernard Manciet's "Sonets". 7:00 pm – Aperitif and light refreshments at Les Carmes. 8:30pm – “Sonets, le ciel s’arrête, pur suspense…” by La manufacture verbale [Polyphonic show / Nouvelle-Aquitaine] To mark the centenary of the birth of Bernard Manciet (1923-2005), a poet regarded as one of the greatest Occitan writers of the 20th century, Jakes Aymonino is reviving a musical composition work he initiated in the poet’s presence in 2003, based on the poetry book Sonets, in a writing inspired by the construction of 16th-century sonnets. This new cycle of compositions, written for 9 voices, blends polyphony in Occitan and French, evoking the madrigals of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, and plays with the spoken, sung and sounded voice.

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  • Le 25/06/202418:30

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